Using the Online Grant System

Once you’ve confirmed that your project fits within the guidelines, you can use the Initiative Foundation’s online grant system to create an account, complete an eligibility quiz, submit inquiries and proposals, review your application history and submit grant reports.

To use the system, choose Start Application or Account Login.

Here are Grant Guidelines that articulate grant priorities, deadlines, and process details.

Open this document to preview the grant questions and prepare a document with answers ready to copy and paste into the system and expedite the process.

The grant deadline has been extended through December 19th due to issues with the web platform.  

Click Start Application to create an account and submit your first inquiry or to start a new inquiry.

Click Account Login to return to an existing inquiry/proposal, access application history or submit a grant report.

Need help?

If you have questions about our online grant application system or experience technical issues, please contact Kristi Ackley via email or at (320) 632-9255, ext. 2062.

Download our helpful instruction sheet from the Initiative Foundation here: